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About Us

we will make you love horses

Who we are

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iRide Egypt is the first and the best independent horseback riding team in Egypt. We aim to spread horseback riding among all Egyptians and to have a rider in every single Egyptian family. Our goal is not only to make people happy, we have a mission to spread horse love and raise awareness. Our message to all the humanity is that horses were created to be treated in a certain way and we should all know it before dealing with them. Our riders come from all over Egypt to visit us and get to know more about horses. You can always check our riders' reviews on Facebook to learn from other people's experiences.

What we do

stuff to note

  • Horseback riding in free areas

  • Teach you how to ride

  • Take a good shot for you in your best moments

  • Edit your photos to make them look better

  • Keep your photos with us in case you lose them

  • Keep an eye on you during the ride

  • Show you places you have never seen

  • Keep you secure

  • Provide you with all the needs

  • Choose the best time and weather for the ride

Our strategies

team of creatives

If you are a beginner, we make sure that you know the basics before saddling up. We teach you briefly how to approach a horse and how to behave on its back. We make sure you are safe, and we make sure the horse is also safe and this is why we get you the most suitable horse and make sure you are suitable for the horse too. Our role is to let you break your fear and the horse's fear as well. We have professional trainers that you can trust. You will always be surrounded by our organizers & trainers riding by your side and keeping an eye on you in case you have any issues or in case you feel uncomfortable. If your level is too low or you are not yet confident to go alone, you will still be able to ride with us, as we provide you with a free assistant who will not leave you one second till the end of the ride.

If you are a pro, we will make sure that you get the horse that satisfies you. We are aware of your needs as we were in your shoes in the past and we are sure that you will be provided with the best experience ever. We only would like you to note that riding professional horses in free areas such as deserts, mountains and seashores is so different than riding in paddock and in limited areas. And this is why we will have to evaluate your level before giving you a professional horse for the security of both of you.

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Our riders say about us

gathering fruits time

The best horseback riding experience ever, the experience was so great, it is almost impossible to describe it with words alone, so I can only encourage everyone to try it out.

Melegy Amr

Amazing Horses, Wonderful Team and fabulous experiences in awesome places in Egypt iRide are the best when it comes to fun, thriller and amazing equestrian adventures ❤😍 Thanks a lot guys A Gohary , too much love my friends ❤❤❤❤

Ahmed Fares

Thanks to all the great captains , thank you for the hospitality , we had a very awesome time me and my family riding these great horses . it was a tremendous experience and inshallah won't be the last one ❤

Rahma Hesham

بقالي ١٢ سنه بركب خيل في أماكن كتير جدا و الحمدلله مربي خيل بقالي ٧ سنوات و بجد احلي طلعة خيل اتبسط بيها و كانت بجد ليها طعم تاني حلو مع اي رايد ♥️♥️♥️🌹 الطلعه حلوه و الصحبه احلي 🌹🌹🌹

Mohamed Salah Alhilali

فريق في منتهى المهنيه و اللطف و الاحترام ✌🏼 ناس بجد بتشتغل ب حب و فعلاً هدفهم يطلعوا الناس مبسوطه و مستفاده ♥️ بيعرفوا يدمجوا الناس و يندمجوا معاهم و يبسطوهم بجد و يقدمولهم احسن وقت و احسن تجربه 🔥

Malak Yasser
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